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How it works - Portal

Create an account and Edit Profile

Create an account 

As a service provider, you can create two different types of accounts Company or Professional freelancer. Create a Company account if this account will be representing an official company. Create a Professional account for your personal use only. Adding the requested information to your profile, like your company logo or professional photo if you are a professional freelancer will increase the chance for you to get hired by the customers. Knowing that services providers with a logo or picture getting hired to 86% more compared to a profile without a photo or logo.


Edit Profile

You can update your account information, like new location and address, contact number and so on.

Create a customer account

To create a Customer account with Serve Me Mart, press on Sign up as a customer and fill the form




You will be receiving an email from Serve Me Mart requesting you to verify your email address


Press on Verify my Email button.

Then the portal will ask you to choose between Company or Individual account.

User page will come for you to fill the information, try to provide all the requested information.


Offered Services

Offered Services


After completing your profile, you would need to select the services that present the qualifications that you would like to offers to the customers. You will be receiving jobs based on your preselected provided services, you can add and change any time.


Credit and Subscription



To charge and add credit to your account.



To choose your best-fit plan to cover your usage for the subscription. You can upgrade the subscription plan at any time.


Search for jobs

Search for jobs from the main page

Select the required service or multiple services under one main service and press plus button, a list of jobs will show if available in your city. You can change the filter search values any time to look for more available jobs.


Search for jobs button

Will show you the available jobs matching with your added predefined offered services and cities. You can change the filter search values any time. 




Jobs functions


Search for Job


With this function service provider will be able to search for jobs, the default search values will be based on the service provider offered services and cities. You can change the values any time, and you can go back to your default values by selecting Filter Jobs match with my predefined skills, services, and cities, the button in the filter function.


Invited Jobs

You will be receiving the invited jobs from the customers under this function, and the portal will allow the customer to send an invite for his active jobs to any selected service provider.


Submitted Offers

With this function, you will be able to see your submitted offers to the customers and you will be able to send a revised offer up to three times.


Pinned Jobs

You can pin any job for later if you think that this job will be visible to bid for it later on. You can come back to this function and bid for the job if the job is still active and available.


My Active Jobs

will show you the list of your assigned jobs (awarded jobs) that you need to deliver to the customers.


Closed Jobs

The delivered jobs list will be showing under closed jobs function. 


Canceled Jobs

You may cancel (withdraw) any job offer after submitting to the customer if the job still not been approved by the customer, or also you can cancel (withdraw) any job offer after the offer been approved by the customer, considering that canceling the offer after been approved by the customer more than once without any valid reason it might have your account suspended.


Not Interested Jobs

Will show you the list of the Not Interested Invited Jobs. 


My Team and Ratings


My Team

With this function, you will be able to invite a team member to your team and provide him with access level and authorities. You can use this function by inviting the team member by sending him an invitation, he will complete the form and after you will select the team member from Edit Team Member Details and provide him with the access right you want. Also, you can delete and deceive any selected team member.



You will be able to review your customer's ratings, your profile preview frequency, and your overall average rating score.




This function will provide you with various reports that you can print and review related to your activities on Serve Me Mart. Basically, you only need to select the required report and then select the start and end dates. Also, you may use insight function for high-level results by choosing the start and end dates.


Switch to Customer and Invite friends

Switch to Customer

This function will allow you to have two accounts by using one email address; you can be a service provider and switch to your customer account at any time. If you have a service provider professional account, you can switch to the individual customer account, and if you have a service provider company account, you can switch to a customer company account. 

Invite friends

You may invite your friend or group of friends by adding their emails and invite them to Serve Me Mart; they will get an email with Serve Me Mart link website to browse and create an account. You will be credited an extra credit once your friends activated their accounts on Serve Me Mart.


Notification Settings and Messages

Notification Settings

Select how you will need to get the notifications and for what functions.  


Will allow you to chat with customers and exchange files before and after job awarding.